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Routine Servicing

We carry out all routine servicing to the correct Marcos schedule for your particular vehicle.


We also carry out a full inspection and report on all cars in for service work. This gives not only reassurance that the car is being looked after correctly, but also can pinpoint any problems before they become expensive.


MOT’s, pre-MOT inspection/work completed and MOT repairs. 

Suspension and Wheel Alignment

Using the original factory specifications for both steering and suspension enables us to correctly set up your Marcos ready for the road or the track. We can also offer enhanced suspension bushes for the later models in the range.

Pre Purchase Inspection

We offer a service to the prospective purchaser where we will personally travel to inspect any car. We will provide an itemised report and valuation on the vehicle prior to purchase, or if the vehicle is brought to us, we can carry out the report in house while you wait. During the inspection we would check the identity of the car, chassis report and originality. 

Race Car Preparation

We can undertake all forms of race preparation to MSA and FIA specifications. 

Body and Paint

We have experts in fibreglass repair and paintwork and can achieve finishes far better and more durable than the original. We always pre-bake prior to painting the vehicle to highlight air in the fibreglass that can cause problems at a later stage.

Leather & Interior Trim

We hold all of the original patterns and templates for the upholstery, hoods and carpets for all Marcos cars 1959 onwards. Our suppliers still manufacture the original materials used in the production of cars dating back to 1959. Original is best, especially when you come to sell the car. We also employ the original craftsmen who built the cars.

Our leather hides are still from the original supplier, so colour and grain is no problem. But please note, a few square feet (if not a stock item) means a hide, which can be expensive. We do keep all offcuts (when available) by chassis number so we may have the original batch in stock.

Leather Restoration

As an alternative to a leather re-trim, we can now offer all customers a complete leather renovation package to transform their existing leather.

We can renovate a complete trim set, which can normally be done over a couple of days.  Either bring the car down to us or simply send us your trim set. The trim pieces will be renovated, and then sent back/refitted into the car.


This is not to be confused with "DIY" materials that can be bought over the internet. The restoration is carried out by Connolly trained technicians who specialise in renovation of Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin etc... and work to very exacting standards.

Engine Work

We are experts when it comes to all the engines fitted in the Marcos range, from the early 1500cc Ford engine through to the 4600cc Ford Mustang Quad Cam engine, whether it’s a full strip and inspect or a light overhaul we can help. 

Accident Repairs

Marcos Heritage is known by all of the better insurance companies as THE repairer of Marcos cars. We have the knowledge, moulds, jigs etc.. to repair your car in the event of an accident. This gives you the reassurance that the car will be returned as good, if not better than new.


We undertake all forms of accident repair, and can collect if necessary.

Valuations & Estimates

The insurance value of your car is very important. You do not want to be either over or under insured. We can carry out all valuations and mechanical reports to meet your requirements

Original Build Files

We hold all of the original build files built from 1959 to 2001. These files give details of all the original specification of the car, together with invoices and general correspondence from the Marcos factory. We can supply a copy of a build file for £100.00 + VAT Please note that build files for the cars are all different, and contents do vary, but either way are a wonderful insight to the history of your car.

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