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At Marcos Heritage we pride ourselves in being the leading experts in Marcos restoration from the original wooden chassis cars right through to the last of the cars built. We undertake all forms of restoration large or small.


1969 Marcos 3l V6 Full mechanical restoration Metal chassis replacement

1967 Marcos 1500 Wooden Chassis Renovation

Falc 008_edited.jpg

1969 Metal Chassis 2-Litre V4


1968 1600cc BAR 64F 'Saint' Car Restoration


1995 LM 400



New Fully Galvanised Chassis

Upon discovery of signs of rot, we can remove the body to assess the overall condition of the chassis. We can supply a brand new chassis from the original chassis jig, and galvanise. This will last the lifetime of the car. The old chassis is stripped of all mechanical parts. We then fit up the new galvanised chassis with all new brake, fuel and clutch lines, clips and chassis sponge etc....


We would recommend powdercoating black the suspension wishbones, and new bushes are fitted prior to fitment to the new chassis. With all mechanical parts refitted, the body is replaced safely back on the chassis and all body furniture refitted.

The more economic way is for us to receive the rolling chassis only.  By this we mean the chassis complete with engine, gearbox, axle, front suspension, etc the car less the body. This will greatly reduce the labour times, especially with the later bonded on bodies. We can then remove all mechanical parts, and replace the entire chassis and galvanise. 

Wooden Chassis Refurbishment

Alongside our metal chassis restorations, we also carry out numerous wooden chassis repairs, from an engine bay panel refurbishment to a full floor & torsion box replacement.


Using all of the original materials, we can repair or replace the wooden chassis to the genuine build specification, giving you peace of mind the chassis is correct and has been done properly. 

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