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Safety Alerts

Safety Alerts and Known Problems

  • Fuel Starvation - Tank Rust

  • Rear Chassis Failure

  • Pedal Carriage Clevis Pin Wear

  • Top Shock Absorber Modification

  • Oil Pressure Pipe Failure

  • Two Gates Wheels

Fuel Starvation - Tank Rust - Mantara, LM, Mantis & TS

An increasing number of later cars are suffering initially from fuel starvation due to a build up of rust in the fuel tank. We have established this is due to the fact that all of the fuel tanks were made from mild steel which in itself is not a problem, but with modern super clean fuels there is no deposit left on the inside of the tank to give a protective film. Condensation can build up in the fuel tank, especially when the car is not in use, enabling rust to form on the inside of the tank. The rust in turn blocks the pre-filter causing fuel starvation. Marcos Heritage are now building all fuel tanks in aluminium to permanently eliminate the problem. Aluminium tanks are now available for all models from 1965 onwards, and are a direct replacement for the originals - all made to the original drawings and specifications. 

Wooden Chassis  £650.00

Metal Chassis  £525.00

Mantara, LM & Mantis  £685.00

TS Range  £850.00

All prices + VAT at 20%


Rear Chassis Failure - Mantara, LM500 & 500, Mantis

We have experienced chassis failure in the later cars which has occurred where the bracket, attaching the rear of the differential, is welded to the chassis. In extreme cases the chassis will break in two, allowing the differential to drop down which in turn will damage the wishbones, possibly drive shafts and the front differential mountings. We recommend this point on the chassis is checked carefully at every service. We eliminate this problem by fitting a chassis brace (which costs in the region of £290 + VAT at 20% fitted), sadly if the chassis breaks it will nearly quadruple the cost to repair.  If you are in doubt, or need any further information, please don't delay and call us immediately.


Pedal Carriage - Clevis Pin Wear (all models)

The pictures below show before and after shots of the clutch pedal clevis pin which attaches the clutch push rod to the clutch pedal. This came from a vehicle that had covered only 20,000 miles. The brake clevis pin is exactly the same size and type, and can experience the same amount of wear. We suggest that these clevis pins are periodically removed and checked, and replaced as necessary. We can supply the correct pin complete with clip from stock at £2.25 each + VAT at 20%.


Top Shock Absorber Modification - All Marcos Cars - Mantara onwards 1992 - 2002

All cars within the above build dates could be liable to front suspension failure, due to fatigue of the top damper shaft where it passes through the chassis. We have had total failure on a few cars and have developed a stronger modified bush assembly to overcome this problem.

It is impossible to tell when or if failure will occur, we are therefore strongly recommending that all cars be modified as soon as possible. The replacement kit can be fitted by any competent owner, local garage, engineer, or be done by ourselves (booking essential).

We also recommend that if the vehicle is still running on the original rubber type front suspension bushes that these be changed for the upgraded polyurethane bushes at the same time, this will tighten up the front end and put less loads through the top mounting. Again these can be self-fit, MHS will give full help and back up if required.

The kit is supplied with full fitting details and diagrams £36.00 + VAT at 20%


Oil Pressure Pipe Failure - Mantis - Supercharged & Standard Engines

We have found under certain conditions due to excessive heat build up in the engine compartment, that the original plastic oil pressure pipes have burst, resulting in hot oil spraying onto a very hot manifold causing engine fire. We strongly recommend that all vehicles are changed for the replacement armoured hose to eliminate the problem.

Two Gate Wheels

The Two Gates wheel is known to crack, which is normally on the spokes. Most of them were recalled and replaced by the factory, but we have found several cars with these wheels still fitted.

If you have Two Gates wheels, we strongly recommend that they are removed from the vehicle and thoroughly checked for porosity and cracks (please note that cracks are not always visible to the eye).


If you are in any doubt, they should not be used, wheel failure can be catastrophic.

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