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Marcos LM Series

Culpin LM500.jpg

The LM series of cars started life on the racetrack, the first car being debuted at the 1993 Earls Court Motor Show in full racing trim. Both press and public interest was overwhelming.

The car was offered for sale in both race and road versions.

The basic Marcos family shape was retained, the track front and rear were extended, the wheel base stayed the same, but the body was stretched to accommodate much larger wheels and tyres. This gave the car a much more aggressive stance, - the addition of the cooling vents and ducts of the race car transformed the road going Marcos Mantara into a formidable machine. The first cars were marketed as the Marcos Mantara LM 500 and later called the LM 500, LM 400 with the LM 600 being the last of the series of which only 5 cars were built.

The LM 500 road car also sported the race carbon dashboard with competition Stack instrumentation.      

The LM 400, introduced in 1993 was a scaled down version of the 500 in some respects. The engine was the same Rover V8 but the 3.9 litre version, as used in the Mantara, the race style dashboard with Stack instrumentation was dropped in favour of the Mantara dash. Both the 400 and 500 were offered in coupe or Spyder format.

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