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Page Automotive Limited Terms & Conditions

This Agreement is between Page Automotive Group Limited the Supplier, and the Customer.


Customer means, the person, firm, or company for whom the Services are performed.

Service(s) means, the repair, alteration, and servicing, of vehicles and any other operations carried out for the Customer by the Supplier including the storage of the vehicle and the hiring of courtesy vehicles.

Completion Date means, a date when the Supplier believes the Services will have been completed.

Vehicle means, the Vehicle identified on the booking form / estimate.

By accepting this Agreement, you confirm that you are authorised as / by the owner to enter into this Agreement for the Services to be undertaken on these terms and conditions. By leaving the Vehicle with us you are expressly requesting that the Services be started as soon as reasonably possible.


An estimate given for the Services shall be provisional and will be subject to variations in the price of parts or materials between the date of the estimate and the date of commencement of the Services. It will also depend on further work or parts which are found to be necessary subject to any conditions specified upon instruction either by the Supplier or the Customer.

By providing an estimate we are in no way agreeing to undertake the work.

If you leave the Vehicle with us for an estimate but choose not to accept the estimate and / or proceed with the Services, you agree to collect the Vehicle, within 24 hours of the notified date of collection, we will charge you for storing the Vehicle, at the rates in force at that time for each 24-hour period after we are required to store the Vehicle.


The Supplier reserves the right to refuse to carry out any work on the Vehicle:

  • if in its opinion, or in the opinion of its employees, is likely to make the Vehicle unsafe whether for Vehicle occupants and / or pedestrians.

  • which might have a detrimental effect on other parts of the Vehicle.

  • road test a Vehicle if in the opinion of the Supplier and / or its employees the Vehicle has been presented in a manner which would render its use on the highway to constitute a criminal offence; this may include, but is not limited to illegal tyres, number plates and privacy glass.

General Trading Terms:

If you are a retail customer you agree to pay us our usual retail price applicable, including any VAT at the prevailing rate, within our settlement terms for the vehicle repair work undertaken by us on your behalf.

If your Insurer has passed your details to us to undertake vehicle repair work as part of an insurance claim, then you agree to pay us any excess and or VAT, where applicable, as prescribed within the terms of your insurance policy cover, within our settlement terms, and you further agree that we may collect the balance of our fees directly from your insurer.

If you are pursuing an insurance claim, it is your responsibility to confirm your level and scope of insurance cover, we shall once we are notified by your insurer, provide you with confirmation of any insurance excess and or VAT you are liable for, under the terms of your policy. You acknowledge that we make no assurance as to the extent of your insurance policy cover or whether your insurer will accept or decline your claim in relation to the vehicle repair work,

In the event your insurer either declines to cover the vehicle repair work under your policy or your insurance is invalidated for whatever reason, regardless of whether you are at fault. We reserve all our rights to recover full settlement from you directly for either, the costs we have incurred to date, including any VAT at the prevailing rate, or you agree to pay us our usual retail price applicable, including any VAT at the prevailing rate, within our settlement terms for the vehicle repair work completed by us on your behalf.

Pre-existing Damage, Damage Caused by Us and Corrosion:

We exclude all liability for the repair of damage, whether visible or not, existing before we began to work on the vehicle and which we have not expressly identified as vehicle repair work to be undertaken by us.

We will perform the vehicle repair work with reasonable care and skill and in full accordance with the applicable standards.

If we damage the Vehicle, we shall arrange for its repair at no additional cost to you. If you organise a repair yourself without our prior written approval, we do not guarantee to pay the costs you incur, as we reserve the right to assess the reasonableness of these repair costs.

You acknowledge that the cost to us of repairing the Vehicle, if we caused the damage, is likely to far exceed the amount we charge you for the vehicle repair work. For that reason, you agree that our total liability shall be limited to the total cost of the initial quote for repairing the damage we caused to the Vehicle.

Except as stated above, you agree, that unless we have written to you to confirm otherwise before we begin the work, we shall not reimburse or compensate you for stress or emotional upset, any inconvenience, loss of revenue, loss of income, for the loss of the use of the Vehicle or any loss of business profits, any direct, indirect, consequential or pure economic loss suffered by you as a result of such damage.

We will not accept or be liable for any lease car charge backs from a Leasing Company.

Nothing held within this clause shall operate to limit our liability for fraud, death or personal injury caused by our negligence. Additionally, nothing held within this clause shall operate, remove or restrict your statutory rights to the extent that they cannot by law be so removed or restricted.

Courtesy Car:

In the event Page Automotive Group provide you with a courtesy car, on the instructions of your insurer or at the request of you as a Customer, while vehicle repair work is undertaken on your vehicle, then we shall require you to sign a further agreement and declaration relating to the hire of the courtesy car. Any costs or liabilities that accrue as a result of the hire of the courtesy car will be bound by our standard settlement terms.

If your insurer either declines to cover the cost of the courtesy car under your policy or your insurance is invalidated for whatever reason, regardless of whether you are at fault. We reserve all our rights to recover full settlement from you directly for either, the costs we have incurred to date, including any VAT at the prevailing rate, or you agree to pay all outstanding invoices and any associated costs, including any VAT at the prevailing rate, within our settlement terms.

During the period of hire, the Customer shall be liable for all costs relating to any damage to the vehicle, in addition to costs to maintain the courtesy car in a road-worthy condition, to include any cleaning costs when the car is returned after the hire period. The Customer, in accordance with section 66 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act of 1988, acknowledges that they shall be liable as the owner of the vehicle in respect of any Fixed Penalty Offence during the period of hire, including speeding, parking fines, congestion charges and any incurred administration charges.

The Supplier shall retain the right, for a period of 60 days after the hire period terminates, to take payment from the nominated card provided by the Customer at the commencement of the hire period, should any fines or charges be received during the time in which you are responsible for the courtesy car, which includes an administration fee of £35.00 (plus VAT) for each offence committed.

Collision Damage Waiver:

We are authorised to offer Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance to our customers who take a courtesy car as part of the Service we provide. Any Collison Damage Waiver insurance purchased by the Customer from the Supplier would be required to be settled at the time of taking possession of the courtesy car from the Supplier.


It may be necessary on occasions for the Supplier to instruct specialists to undertake specialist repairs to your vehicle. In so doing the Supplier agrees that they will only use competent professionals to undertake these services.

Replacement Parts:

All components removed from your vehicle and replaced, other than those exchanged for replacement parts or subject to a warranty claim, become the property of the Supplier unless the Customer requests their return prior to the commencement of the Service.

All replacement parts remain the property of the Supplier until the Supplier receives payment in full for the Service provided. Further the Supplier reserves the right to enter the Customer’s property and remove parts from the Customer’s vehicle to the value of the outstanding invoice. By entering into agreement with the Supplier the Customer is giving its express authority to the Supplier to enter its property and remove parts from the vehicle to the value of the outstanding invoice.


Where new paintwork is required and the metal is found to be rusted, every possible reasonable precaution will be taken to prevent such rust penetrating after the completion of the painting. However, no guarantee can be given that the rust will not reoccur after the Services provided by the Supplier.

The Supplier uses the very latest paint and materials as requested by the vehicle manufacturers for which it is approved to undertake vehicle repairs. However, if partial paintwork is required, every endeavour will be made to match the existing colour scheme, but no guarantee can be given of perfect colour match. On occasions the Supplier may be required to ‘Blend or spray the adjoining panel’ in order to obtain a satisfactory finish.

Completion Dates:

Prior to the commencement of the Service the Supplier will provide the Customer with an estimated Completion Date. Whilst the Supplier shall make every effort to ensure that the Services are completed on or before the Completion Date, Completion Dates are only estimates setting out when the Supplier believes the Services will be completed.

Completion dates may change: If a Completion Date changes the Supplier agrees to make reasonable attempts to contact the Customer immediately and to provide the Customer with a revised estimated Completion Date. 


The Supplier will endeavour to complete the Services by the date and time requested but cannot accept responsibility for delay resulting from no availability or late delivery of spares, or other reasons beyond its control.


Once notified that your Vehicle is ready for collection, please collect your Vehicle as quickly as possible, and in any event within 24 hours upon receiving the Supplier’s request to collect your Vehicle.

Settlement Terms:

Our settlement terms are that all amounts falling due from the Customer are payable on completion of the vehicle repair work and prior to the Vehicle being collected or delivered to the Customer.

The Supplier is authorised by the Customer to retain possession of the Vehicle until payment of all monies owed by the Customer to the Supplier (whether relating directly to the repair of the Vehicle, associated costs or previous services) are received by the Supplier.

If the Customer fails to pay the Supplier, the Vehicle will be retained, and storage charges will accrue commencing at the end of a 24-hour collection period. The collection period commences when the Customer is informed that the Vehicle is ready for collection.

If a Customer fails to contact the Supplier to plan to collect the Vehicle, or the Customer fails to collect the Vehicle before the collection period expires or on a date agreed with the Supplier, storage charges will accrue at a daily rate until the Vehicle is collected. If a courtesy vehicle is also retained by the customer daily hire charges for the courtesy vehicle will also accrue.

Please note that by entering into this agreement you agree to pay hire charges for the courtesy vehicle if it is not returned within 24 hours of a request by the Supplier to collect your vehicle, or to return the courtesy vehicle.


Any VAT shown on the estimate is at the rate in force at the time the estimate was prepared. The VAT charged on completion of the repair will be the rate applicable at the time.

By entering into this Agreement, the Customer agrees to ensure that they are able, and prepared to pay the invoice and VAT element for the Services, or their insurance excess and the VAT, if applicable, within the settlement terms of the Supplier.


We are committed to reducing fraud using credit cards. The Supplier, therefore, reserve the right not to accept payment by debit or credit card, where we suspect that by doing so a fraud may be perpetrated against us, the registered card holder or anyone else.

We accept payment over the telephone, via direct bank transfer or at the site, using most major debit or credit cards, other than Diner’s Club or American Express. We do not accept personal cheques, bank cheques or cash amounts in excess of £250.00, in settlement of outstanding balances.


If the Vehicle is not collected, or arrangements are not made for its collection storage charges will accrue commencing at the end of a 24-hour collection period. The Supplier agrees to notify the Customer that the work has been completed, all Vehicles not collected within 24 hours of completion of any work will incur storage charges of £32.00 per day plus VAT unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed.

Please note that a Vehicle will not be released until all the outstanding amounts have been paid, these may include any excess and / or VAT, courtesy car hire and storage charges.

Daily storage charges may also be incurred, from the date on which the Vehicle was left with the Supplier, if authority to proceed with the Service is, delayed or refused and the Vehicle is not collected within the 24-hour collection period.

Please note that the Supplier will not release the Vehicle either to the customer, its employee, agent or insurer until all outstanding charges are paid, these charges may include Storage, Recovery, Administration and Courtesy Vehicle Damage and / or Hire Charges. Further, recovery and hire charges will continue to accrue while arrangements are made to move the vehicle and or return the courtesy vehicle.


The Supplier has the right to hold a Vehicle following the completion of the Services until such time as the account is paid in full.

Uncollected Goods:

The Supplier may exercise its right as regards uncollected goods under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977, if the Vehicle is not collected when the work is completed subject to the Supplier complying with the provisions of the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977.


The Supplier will take reasonable care of the Vehicle, whist in its custody. This duty of care does not extend to items of personal property or business goods left in the vehicle. Customers are therefore advised to ensure that any items of personal property or business goods are removed from the vehicle prior to the commencement of collection / repairs.

Whether by agreement with, or on the instruction of the Customer, the Vehicle is left outside the Supplier’s premises, before or after normal business hours, on an unfenced part of the premises, any risk or loss or damage howsoever occasioned will be the Customer’s responsibility.

Customer Liability:

By entering into this Agreement, the Customer agrees to be solely responsible for payment of the Supplier’s invoice, either in whole or in part, for services completed by the Supplier, if its insurance company refuses to honour the Customer’s insurance policy and therefore refuses to pay the Supplier’s invoice directly.

By entering into this Agreement, the Customer is authorising the Supplier to provide the Services to the Vehicle as per the estimate. If, the Customer intends to claim the cost of the Services from its insurer / warranty company, the Supplier will, if provided with the correct details, liaise with the Customer’s insurance company to facilitate the claims and payment process.

However, liability for payment to the Supplier for the Services it has provided will always remain with the Customer until payment is received in full.

If for any reason the Customer’s insurance company fails to pay the Supplier, then the Customer agrees to accept responsibility for the full settlement of the outstanding balance.

Data Protection:

We are required to get permission from you for giving third parties some of your data to be able to repair your vehicle. This information is limited to the vehicle registration number and full identification number (VIN), and these are required in ordering parts for your vehicle from suppliers / main dealer(s).

We shall retain all personal data held, shown on the invoice for sales, service, and warranty purposes as Data Controllers. This information may be passed to other carefully selected third party organisations, including, but not limited to our debt collection agents for the purposes of recovering any outstanding debts.

We shall not use any information we hold about you for marketing purposes nor shall we pass this information to any third party for this purpose.

Should the Customer have any concern in regards to the way we use their information they write in the first instance to notify the Data Controller at the Company.

The adopted Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notice of Page Automotive Group Limited can be obtained directly from our website:

Consumer Transactions:

Nothing contained within these terms and conditions is meant, nor will affect a Consumer’s Statutory Rights

Complaints will initially be considered in accordance with the provisions of the Supplier’s complaints handling procedure a copy of which is available on request or can be obtained directly from our website:


These Terms and Conditions shall in all respects be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law.

Page Automotive Limited Data Protection Policy

Page Automotive Group are the controller of personal data obtained whilst in the process of delivering the agreed services to our customers, meaning we are the organisation legally responsible for deciding how and for what purposes it is used.

We take your privacy very seriously. Please read this privacy policy carefully as it contains important information on who we are and how and why we collect, store, use and share any information relating to you (your personal data) in connection with us delivering the agreed services to you as our customer. It also explains your rights in relation to your personal data and how to contact us or a relevant regulator in the event you have a complaint.

This privacy policy is divided into the following sections:

  • What this policy applies to

  • Personal data we collect about you

  • How your personal data is collected

  • How and why we use your personal data

  • Marketing

  • Who we share your personal data with

  • How long your personal data will be kept

  • Transferring your personal data out of the UK

  • Cookies

  • Your rights

  • Keeping your personal data secure

  • How to complain

  • Changes to this privacy policy

  • How to contact us

What this policy applies to

This privacy policy relates to your engagement with our business and includes  but is not limited to, website and other supporting services.

Personal data we collect about you

The personal data we collect about you depends on the particular activities carried out to deliver the required services for which you or your appointed insurance company or claims management company have contracted us to supply.

We will collect and use the following personal data about you:

  • Your full name and contact information (address, town, postcode, email and phone number)

  • Your vehicle information (make, model, registration number)

  • Your proof of identity (valid driving licence and/or passport) when utilising a courtesy vehicle provided by our company

  • Your work address and contact information

  • Your calls and correspondence with us

  • Your feedback e.g. customer satisfaction surveys

You must provide this personal data to use our services, unless we tell you that you have a choice.

Sometimes you can choose if you want to give us your personal data and let us use it. Where that is the case, we will tell you and give you the choice before you give the personal data to us. We will also tell you whether declining to share that personal data will have any effect on the delivery of our services to you.

We collect and use this personal data for the purposes described in the section ‘How and why we use your personal data’ below.

How your personal data is collected

We collect personal data from you:

  • directly, when you enter or send us information, such as when you register with us, contact us (including via email), send us feedback.

How and why we use your personal data

Under data protection law, we can only use your personal data if we have a proper reason, e.g.:

  • To organise specialist repair functions such as system recalibration with contracted third parties

  • To follow up with you shortly after the repair to your vehicle to check everything is okay

  • For internal record keeping (to be able to respond to customer enquiry and invoicing)

  • To make an appointment with you to assess the accident damage on your vehicle

  • For number plate recognition as part of our customer service and site security

  • To process payments by credit/debit card or bank account details

  • To remind or update you of progress or completion date

  • To provide our services to you as requested or agreed

  • To help us improve the services we offer

A legitimate interest is when we have a business or commercial reason to use your personal data, so long as this is not overridden by your own rights and interests. We will carry out an assessment when relying on legitimate interests, to balance our interests against your own. You can obtain details of this assessment by contacting us (see ‘How to contact us’ below).

How and why we use your personal data—sharing

See ‘Who we share your personal data with’ for further information on the steps we will take to protect your personal data where we need to share it with others.


Page Automotive Group does not take part in any direct marketing activities apart from requests for optional customer service feedback. We hope that the quality of our service and people will be enough for you to recommend us to others and view our website.

Who we share your personal data with—further information

If you would like more information about who we share our data with and why, please contact us (see ‘How to contact us’ below).

How long your personal data will be kept

We will not keep your personal data for longer than we need it for the purpose for which it is used.

Transferring your personal data out of the UK

The EEA, UK and other countries outside the EEA and the UK have differing data protection laws, some of which may provide lower levels of protection of privacy.

It is sometimes necessary for us to transfer your personal data to countries outside the UK and EEA. In those cases, we will comply with applicable UK and EEA laws designed to ensure the privacy of your personal data.

We will transfer your personal data to our service providers located outside the UK.


We use cookies on this website. A cookie is a text file sent by a web server to a web browser and stored by the browser. The text file is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server. This enables the web server to identify and track the web browser.

We may send a cookie, which may be stored on by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. We may use the information we obtain from the cookie in the administration of this website, to improve the website’s usability and for marketing purposes. We may also use that information to recognise your computer when you visit our website, and to personalise our website for you. Our advertisers may also send you cookies.

Most browsers allow you to refuse to accept cookies. (For example, in Internet Explorer you can refuse all cookies by clicking “Tools”, “Internet Options”, “Privacy”, and selecting “Block all cookies” using the sliding selector.) This will, however, have a negative impact upon the usability of many websites, including this one.

We use Google Analytics to analyse the use of this website. Google Analytics generates statistical and other information about website use by means of cookies, which are stored on users’ computers. The information generated relating to our website is used to create reports about the use of the website. Google will store this information. Google’s privacy policy is available at:

Your rights

You generally have the following rights, which you can usually exercise free of charge:


  • Access to a copy of your personal data, The right to be provided with a copy of your personal data

  • Correction (also known as rectification), The right to require us to correct any mistakes in your personal data

  • Erasure (also known as the right to be forgotten), The right to require us to delete your personal data—in certain situations

  • Restriction of use, The right to require us to restrict use of your personal data in certain circumstances, eg if you contest the accuracy of the data

  • Data portability, The right to receive the personal data you provided to us, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and/or transmit that data to a third party—in certain situations

  • The right to object:
    —at any time to your personal data being used for direct marketing (including profiling)
    —in certain other situations to our continued use of your personal data, eg where we use your personal data for our legitimate interests unless there are compelling legitimate grounds for the processing to continue or the processing is required for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims

  • Not to be subject to decisions without human involvement, The right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing (including profiling) that produces legal effects concerning you or similarly significantly affects you. We do not make any such decisions based on data collected by our website

  • The right to withdraw consents, If you have provided us with a consent to use your personal data you have a right to withdraw that consent easily at any time. Withdrawing a consent will not affect the lawfulness of our use of your personal data in reliance on that consent before it was withdrawn

For further information on each of those rights, including the circumstances in which they do and do not apply, please contact us (see ‘How to contact us’ below). You may also find it helpful to refer to the guidance from the UK’s Information Commissioner on your rights under the UK GDPR.

If you would like to exercise any of those rights, please email, call or write to us—see below: ‘How to contact us’. When contacting us please:

  • provide enough information to identify yourself (eg your full name, address and customer or matter reference number)]and any additional identity information we may reasonably request from you, and

  • let us know which right(s) you want to exercise and the information to which your request relates

Keeping your personal data secure

We have appropriate security measures to prevent personal data from being accidentally lost, or used or accessed unlawfully. We limit access to your personal data to those who have a genuine need to access it. We update our annual registration with the ICO, we align ourselves as much possible with the objectives and requirements of ISO 27001 and we meet the requirements of the Cyber Essentials accreditation.

We also have procedures in place to deal with any suspected data security breach. We will notify you and any applicable regulator of a suspected data security breach where we are legally required to do so.

If you want detailed information from Get Safe Online on how to protect your personal data and other information and your computers and devices against fraud, identity theft, viruses and many other online problems, please visit Get Safe Online is supported by HM Government and leading businesses.

How to complain

Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns about our use of your personal data (see below ‘How to contact us’). We hope we will be able to resolve any issues you may have.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner in the UK.

The UK’s Information Commissioner may be contacted using the details at or by telephone: 0303 123 1113.

Changes to this privacy policy

We may change this privacy policy from time to time—when we make significant changes we will take steps to inform you, for example by including a prominent link to a description of those changes on our website for a reasonable period or by other means, such as email.

How to contact us

Individuals in the UK

You can contact us by post, email or telephone if you have any questions about this privacy policy or the information we hold about you, to exercise a right under data protection law or to make a complaint.

Our contact details are shown below:

Our contact details


Phone: 03301 071737


Data Protection Officer, Kinard Centre, Northarbour Road, Cosham, Hampshire PO63TF

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