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3 Ltr Volvo


The 3 Litre Volvo, primarily destined for the US market, was initially released in December 1969 from the factory in Westbury, using a 3 Litre straight six Volvo engine and auto gearbox.

The 3 Litre Volvo was a match for the performance of the 3 Litre Ford engined car and complied with US emissions and regulations.

Externally the car differed from the 3 Litre Ford by its single exit exhaust pipe, the removal of the central power bulge, and the addition of the more obtrusive angular bulge above the carburettors.

Later changes included the 3.22 Ford Capri rear axle, this improved the cruising ability of the car over the 3 Litre Ford with its lower axle ratio. Along with the Ford axle, the Cosmic wheel was used to gain the correct offset for the extra width of the axle.

In 1970 the US market failed leaving Marcos with several US specification cars. Some of these were converted into right hand drive form and sold in the UK. Others were distributed throughout the world.

Production of the 3 Litre Volvo was then aimed at the UK market. The automatic gearbox was dropped in favour of the 4-speed manual transmission.

All 3 Litre Volvo cars featured a gear lever tray surrounding the gear-lever instead of the domed tunnel fitted to the 3 Litre Ford.

In all 172 cars were made from 1969 to 1972, and around 60 were bound for the US.

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