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2nd Generation


In 1981, after a break of 10 years, Marcos moved to less salubrious premises on the West Wilts Trading Estate - the ex-army Nissen Huts.

In these new premises Marcos re-launched the Marcos 3 Litre in component form only, with the option of several power plants and trim levels.

The cars were sold in very basic form in 3 stages. Stage one comprised of the body and under trays fitted to a chassis together with boot, bonnet and doors, unpainted with glass supplied. Engine mountings were fitted to the customers specification which included: Ford 1600 cross flow, Ford 2 Litre V4, Ford 2 Litre Pinto, Ford 2.8 V6, Ford 2.3 V6, Ford 3 Litre V6, Triumph 2 Litre and Triumph 2.5 Litre.

Stage 2 and 3 comprised of all other items special to Marcos such as window frames, suspension items, interior trim mouldings etc...

All of these cars were customer built until 1984 with the launch of the Mantula. These smaller engined cars continued through to the early 1990's in component form only.

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