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Marcos Heritage is the world authority on Marcos Cars. We have unrivalled knowledge about the iconic Marcos marque, and its fascinating automotive history. Marcos Heritage is the ONLY genuine source in the world for parts, information, servicing and restorations of ‘all things Marcos’.

With over 50 years’ experience, there is no other business in the world that has more knowledge of Marcos than us.  From sourcing or manufacturing obscure parts, to race preparation, or nut and bolt restorations, Marcos Heritage is the name you can trust.

We also offer a unique pre-inspection service prior to purchase to ensure vehicles are ‘as described’ and of marketable quality. 

When it comes to the Marcos marque, you name it, we can do it! And do it well. 


We specialise in all forms of chassis repair (either wood or metal), upholstery (including hooding and carpeting) as well as all mechanical work, engine rebuilds, gearbox and differential rebuilds, alongside all forms of fibreglass work and paintwork. 

Marcos Heritage is also the ONLY name recognised by insurance companies to carry out repairs to accident damaged Marcos cars. 


One of our most valuable assets is our original archive of Build Files for all cars built between 1964 to date (excluding Mini Marcos).


These coveted documents enable us to precisely restore cars to their original specification, using all the correct materials and colours for true authenticity. 

"I have been a customer of Marcos Heritage since July 2001, yes more than twenty years. I can testify to the outstanding professional and customer focused  service that I have always experienced.

Excellent technical expertise and extremely friendly manner always. Rory and the team at Marcos Heritage have never let me down no matter what the issue I may have with my car. I can not recommend them highly enough."

Brent Urwin


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