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1971 Marcos 3 Litre Volvo

1971 Marcos 3 Litre Volvo

Fully restored original 1971 Marcos 3 Litre Volvo.


1971 Marcos 3 Litre Volvo

Founded in 1959 Marcos was the inspiration of Jem Marsh and Frank Costin. The name Marcos derived from the first three letters of their surnames.

Frank Costin was key in the development of one of the most famous aircraft to be used in the Second World War, the de Havilland Mosquito. The first cars drew on Costin’s aviation experience and were remarkable in their use of wood laminates for the monocoque body/chassis unit. Lightweight and good streamlining gave outstanding performance.

As with so many of the smaller British manufacturers spawned during this period, Marcos earned its market pedigree on the racetrack. Notable early customers include Jackie Stewart, who gained his first racing experience in a Marcos. Derek Bell, Jackie Oliver and Jonathan Palmer also cut their racing teeth in a Marcos.

When Frank Costin left the company in 1961 his creation was placed in the hands of Dennis and Peter Adams. During 1963, and intended merely as a stopgap project, the Adams brothers produced designs for the Marcos 1800. Though still relying upon wood for the chassis this new model was clothed in an extraordinarily beautiful fibreglass shell and was an immediate success following its launch at the Motor Show in October 1963.

The Volvo 3 litre was originally produced for the American market with its smooth 6 cylinder engine offering ample power whilst in line with their more stringent emissions laws. Transmission was via either an automatic or 4 speed manual gearbox. The model was also available in the UK and was recognisable by its smooth bonnet minus any power bulges.

The car was produced between 1969 and 1971 and some 171 vehicles left the production line with this one being number 154.

The vehicle we have on offer has undergone a full factory restoration by ourselves and is now ready to be enjoyed once again.

This 1971 Marcos was built at the Westbury factory in Wiltshire and is finished in original Mid Chrome Yellow with Black Cirrus Basketweave interior and is powered by the 3 Litre inline 6-cylinder Volvo engine. The car has had 4 previous owners but had been in the same family for the last 2 owners since 1978.

The engine has undergone a full rebuild complete with a new clutch as well as reconditioning of the original gearbox and rear axle. The gearbox has an overdrive fitted which is not original specification, but a recognised period update, which makes the car much more user friendly in modern motoring conditions.

The metal chassis has been renewed and in doing so new suspension bushes, brakes and ancillaries have been replaced as required.

The fibreglass body has been stripped of its original paint, prepared and repainted in the original factory colour. During this process all of the perishable items were renewed. The majority of the original Basketweave interior has been reused or refurbished with the exception of the carpets and headlining which remain in excellent condition. Period Revolution wheels are fitted which are not factory standard but again very much in period.

This car has been restored regardless of cost to a very high standard, whilst retaining its original features. A car in this condition is exceptionally rare and undoubtedly the best 3 Litre Volvo Marcos currently on the market.

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