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Heritage MK VI


By popular demand and proving that some things just persist on withstanding the test of time, we are proud to re-introduce the world famous Heritage MK VI Road car and the highly competitive GT version that competed so successfully at Le Mans in ’66. 

The Mini Marcos still holds four National Land Speed Records and has twice won the Mod Sports Championship.

Originally launched at the Earls Court Racing Car Show in January 1966, our new kits use all of the original fibreglass moulds and jigs, and are still constructed using the time honoured and trusted BMC Mini range of ancillary components.


Both cars are well within the scope of the amateur enthusiast to build and the basic kits are fully supported with optional new and recondition spares, as well as helpful advice from our friendly team of Marcos experts. Both the road car and GT version are available in a choice of 6 classic self colour gel-coats, and we can supply a broad range of optional extras.

Heritage MK VI - Road Car
Heritage MK VI - GT
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