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MK VI Road Car 


A winner from the start !


This is the car that put sporting fun back into everyday motoring and still achieves superb road handling and fuel efficiency. Using the original and readily available BMC Mini for its donor parts, this fun to build road specified car is easy to build and affordable.


Practical performance


The well made lightweight monocoque shell combined with your own choice of engine, gearbox and final drive ratio mean that you can create a car that combines all the fun of modern motoring with a classic that you can really put through its paces. Wide track 12/13" wheels help to give exceptional grip and confidence of handling.


Styled for comfort


The demand for greater comfort has resulted in a more sophisticated interior giving more legroom from the racing position of the seats. The interior is uncluttered and there is the option of a carbon or full walnut dash to enhance the appearance and house the multiple instrument options. A neat glove box gives additional storage. 


The choice is yours

6 classic colours from blue black to 80's orange and a broad choice of optional extras including sports sears will ensure that the car will be uniquely yours. Just add your choice of power train and suspension and you will have a classic that will once again withstand the test of time as all true greats have historically done.

A classic from any angle

The car was always built for a fun and exhilarating road experience and the classis lines emphasise this in a way that sits comfortably with the modern car alternatives on the roads today.


Available in 3 stage kit options - The choice is yours, from the entry level basic kit to get you started, through to the comprehensive 3rd level kit to add those finishing touches.



Main body assembly in non-coloured gel-coat complete with Doors, Tailgate, Bonnet/Nose Panel. The body assembly incorporates all brackets for seat belts etc… and is drilled to accept the standard Sub-frames.

This stage also includes the Windscreen, plus Gasket & Chrome Filler Strip, Rear Window, plus Gasket & Chrome Filler Strip. Rear Fixed Quarter Lights, Gasket & Chrome Filler Strips and a pair of Bonnet Locks. 


Headlining, full set of Door Hinges and Gaskets. Rear Tailgate Seal. Pair of Alloy Window Frames complete with

Dropglass, Window Frame Quarter Lights front and rear, Flocked Channel, Glazing Rubber, Outer Weatherstrips, Steering Column Drop Link and the Facia Rail to support Heater & Column Assembly.   





Full set of ½” Underfelt – trimmed to fit, fully edged Hessian Backed Carpet set in black, two Rear Quarter Panels trimmed in black, Rear Trim Panel, two Door Panels and Dash Top all trimmed in black. 



Donor Vehicle

The donor vehicle based as it's name implies on the original BMC Mini, the Marcos version is available as a kit of parts to convert the original car into this delightful sporty and individual fun car.


  • You will need to source several key parts from the donor vehicle - these include the subframes and all running gear.

  • You can upgrade the suspension to suit your own needs.

  • The standard engine and gearbox are more than adequate for a sporty performance, but again you may decide to up rate these for a more competitive edge.

  • All electrics and instrumentation will be re-used, but other than that all the parts you need will be supplied in the 3 stage option detailed above.



Parts required from the donor car:



Indicators - front only, Gear lever stick and gaiter, headlights, headlight bowls and headlight rims, switch panel with switches and cables attached  Side repeaters, dash instrument panel with instruments, subframe with all front suspension, engine and all ancillaries fitted, handbrake lever with cable, brake pedal carriage and master cylinder, all window winding mechanisms, brake compensating valve ( late models only ), door locks, exterior and interior, brake pipes, seat belts, complete wiring loom, exhaust system, fuel line, heater motor box complete with pipes, speedo cable, rear subframe complete with suspension units, door mirror, fuel filler cap and grommet, wiper motor with wiper motor wheel boxes and rack, wheels and tyres, door furflex / seal, battery with battery cables, Washer bottle with jets, rear fog light, steering column with cowls, switches and wiring attached, boot hinges.

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